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KGSR Rewind: Watch Iron & Wine perform in the Dell Music Lounge

Photo: 93.3 KGSR Austin / Kimberly Douglass

Let's rewind to July, when we welcomed Sam Beam of Iron & Wine back to KGSR in the Dell Music Lounge presented by Real Ale Brewing Company. It was charming then and we thought it would be perfect to revisit now. After all, Iron & Wine songs just fit the mood of Autumn so, so well.

Watch the lounge below to see Beam perform four songs and talk to Andy about aging gracefully, his days of living in Austin, and more.

The lounge was previously recoded live, so fast forward to 4:31 where the lounge officially begins.


"Thomas County Law" (5:25)

"Tree by the River" (8:47)

Interview (12:02)

"Low Light Buddy of Mine" (16:30)

"Call It Dreaming: (19:41)

Photos // Iron & Wine in the Dell Music Lounge, July 2017

Iron & Wine in the Dell Music Lounge

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Iron & Wine at the Dell Music Lounge


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