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Let's Start a Book Club


You may have heard me mention wanting to start #LVsBookClub a couple of times. I am totally serious!

I am an avid reader, and have been since I was first able to recognize words. As a kid, every night I went to bed with a book. Some of my favorites were read and reread until the pages wore thin and the books had to be replaced. The greatest days in my elementary school were when the teachers would pass out the little scholastic book order forms! Oh how I would dream of all the shiny new books that would come my way by just putting a check mark next to the name. Then I quickly found out that someone had to foot the bill… those little numbers next to the book names were prices! So enter the library card - my own credit card to charge my way through the many magical worlds of fantastic stories 2 weeks at a time. Almost every night of my life I have gone to bed reading.

Of course my taste and methods of reading have changed over the years (although Comic Books will always be in my diet). My Kindle was one of the best presents I ever received. Don’t get me wrong – nothing will EVER compare to holding a nice hard cover book, and feeling the gentle breeze as you eagerly turn the pages – however with the Kindle more often than not – upon completion of a great book, I immediately start on the sequel because it is just a quick download away – even at  3am!

One of my favorite famous authors is John Grisham. (@JohnGrisham) I have read over 20 of his books, and I am eager to get my hands on his new one “Rogue Lawyer”. When I go to Comic Cons, I always seek out the local authors and get new books. It is really cool to be able to connect with an author, and discuss their works face to face – especially when they don’t judge you for being in a Batman onesie.

So on to my book club. I am always on the prowl for new stories and authors to check out. Do I want to be the new Oprah? No... but I do have delusions of sipping tea and discussing a great book in a high back chair while the Acoustic Sunrise wafts gently from my radio. Will that happen? I don’t know, but I would like to know what you are reading. Let me know on twitter @lvneedssleep and use the hashtag #LVsBookClub. I am only a few pages away from finishing my current book –“Hard Luck Hank – Suck My Cosmos”  by Steven Campbell, so I am just about ready to get started on a new adventure!


Here are a few  Texas authors that I have had the pleasure to meet and read their works Check 'Em Out:

Christy King

J.R. Knoll

Dicey Grenor