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Crafty Coffee

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Caffeine - our favorite socially acceptable drug of choice. New creative and crafty coffee spots are popping up all over. Here are some of the ones we've enjoyed lately. 

  • Summermoon: The new north location of a long famed South Austin spot. The winter moon is like a delicious dessert. 
  • Two Hands Coffee: The new rock rose area of the domain offers coffee, beer and juices. Parking can be a bear. 
  • Seventh Flag: Evergreen chai, Cuvee, cold brew, crossaints and they accept paypal. 
  • Fat Cats Organic Coffee: Vegan ice creams, mochas, cubana espressos, gluten free cookies. Something for everyone. 
  • Holy Grounds: Actually in a church but available for public. Rockstar bagels, fair trade cofee, choco covered coffee beans. 

Come have a cuppa with me on @ kellyjstocker on twitter & instagram

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