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Five Fantastic Food Trucks

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Food trucks have been around for a long time in Austin but they're far from ho hum. They just keep leveling up. Here are five of my favorites right now: 

Boteco: Amazing Brazillian food served by the nicest people you ever did meet. Recommended dish: picanha bowl. 

Dee Dee Thai: Authentic Thai street food, reasonably priced and made by Lakana, a woman who spent her childhood helping her mother and great grandmother prepare family meals in northern Thailand. Recommended dish: Moo Ping.

Red Wraps: Bringing the flavors of the Eastern world to Austin. They're notorious for big spice and interesting flavor combos. Recommended dish: The Red Wrap

Vic & Al's: In house cured meats, whole roasted pig, boudain balls, cochon du lait and gumbo, they're serving up outrageous Cajun and Creole delights. Recommended dish: Bread pudding. 

The Big Kahuna: We don't have a lot of Hawaiian food here and this place might be the most authentic. They moved from San Marcos and damn, i'm glad they did. Recommended dish: Shoyu chicken with rice. 

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