Adele shares new music video for “Oh My God”

Oh my god, it’s here…

Adele released an official music video for the track “Oh My God,” featured in her new album 30.

Sam Brown directed the artist’s latest music video, and this isn’t the first time the two have united. Brown previously worked with Adele ten years ago to direct the music video for “Rolling in the Deep.”

There’s a lot mayhem in this one. To name a few, Adele’s surrounded by dancers, chairs, fire, thrown apples, and horses. “We filmed this one on the day Easy On Me dropped, there were a million things going on all at once,” said Adele. For the past few days, Adele gave fans a preview with teasers and a photo of herself holding an apple that she finally gets her hands on at the end of the music video.

Watch Adele’s new music video for “Oh My God” below:

Adele – Oh My God (Official Video)



Photo: YouTube/ Adele – Oh My God (Official Video)

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