Adele’s not going easy on vinyl pressing plants

Adele arrives for the "Kong Skull Island" Los Angeles Premiere on February 12, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA

By Brooklyn Solis

With vinyl coming back in style, Adele is not helping in the production as her new album, 30 is causing a global vinyl shortage.

According to a new report in Variety, Adele was forced to turn in her upcoming album 30 six months ago in order to have vinyl ready for the day the album drops.

“While the company declined official comment, Sony Music sources tell Variety that more than 500,000 vinyl copies of 30 have been manufactured in the months leading up to the album’s November 19 release, with the company pushing catalog titles off its overseas pressing plants to ensure there won’t be any shortage of Adele LPs going into the holidays,” the article says.

Similar to many delays occurring, the delays in vinyl productions may be blamed on the effects of corona virus.

This delay has become a stressful issue to artists as there is a rush to complete albums in order to have the vinyl’s released before 2023.

Pop singer, Ed Sheeran briefs on the vinyl shortage in an interview while promoting his new album =, saying, “There’s like three vinyl factories in the world, so you have to do it like really upfront — and Adele had basically booked out all the vinyl factories, so we had to get a slot and get our album in there. It was like me, Coldplay, Adele, Taylor [Swift], ABBA, Elton [John], all of us were trying to get our vinyls printed at the same time.”

Still, with Adele causing a shortage on vinyl production it is unreasonable to stay mad at the sing stress, as her upcoming album deserves to be played with a cup of coffee on a vinyl with a windy breeze entering the window.

With the release of 30 weeks away, Adele has released the track list along with sharing the announcement of her first pair of tour dates in more than half a decade.

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