Blues on the Screen Artist Spotlights: Miss Lavelle White and Sam Houston & Blk Odyssy

Miss Lavelle White and Sam Houston and Blk Odyssy

By Eric Guerrero

Since we can’t gather in Zilker Park, we’re bringing Austin City Limits Radio’s Blues On The Green to your screen on July 8th. Tune in to FOX 7 Austin from 7pm-9pm for a night of special performances, featuring Sam Houston & Blk Odyssy and a special set from the legendary Miss Lavelle White. Read more about the artists below.

Artist: Lavelle White

Austin soul and blues legend, Lavelle White, rose into the music scene in the late 1950s and ‘60s. She wrote and released several heart-wrenching singles like “If I Could Be With You” after she signed with Duke Records in 1958. White went on to tour across the US with artists like Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, B.B. King, The Isley Brothers, and more. Only one year after being named Houston’s Blues Artist of the Year in 1995, she was inducted in the Austin Music Hall of Fame in 1996. She released her latest album Into the Mystic through Antone’s record label in 2003 and at 90-years-old continues to entertain crowds with her passionate voice and magnetic charisma. 

Artist: Sam Houston & BLK ODYSSY

3 years ago Sam Houston & Bly Odyssy formed in Austin and have gone on to be one of Austin’s best bands to watch in 2020. Sam Houston, singer and frontman, along with guitarist Alejandro Rios blend soul and rock to create a new sound that captures audiences and fans alike. They have since sold out shows at the iconic Antone’s and performed all across Texas. Sam Houston has even gone on to open up a soul food and catering service in Austin called The Soul House.

Sam Houston & Blk Odyssy began a YouTube series called Riot in the Streets, which gives fans an inside look into their creative process during the pandemic. “Riot speaks to those who are confused with the powers that be. during the Shelter in place, Sam like many others felt directionless & ignorant to vital knowledge as to when things would get better,” says the video description.

Watch below.



Photos Courtesy of Miss Lavelle White and Same Houston & Blk Odyssy

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