Foo Fighters Frontman, Dave Grohl, Launches Instagram Series

dave grohl

By Haley Cinotto

Foo Fighters frontman, Dave Grohl, made his Instagram debut earlier this week and created his first-ever account to share short stories about his life during self-quarantine. “I’m currently looking for work, so I thought I’d pass the time by writing true short stories that will make people smile,” he wrote in his introductory post. “I look forward to sharing some of the more ridiculous moments of my life with you.” 

The first entry in Grohl’s newly launched Instagram series “Dave’s True Stories,” Dave Grohl shared a story from his childhood. The 10-image story is a hysterical narrative of a 4th of July fireworks display that went horribly wrong when he accidentally launched dozens of explosives at a crowd of people attending a neighborhood Independence Day barbecue. 

The story dates back to 1998, when the band was recording their third album There Is Nothing Left To Lose, including their breakout hit “Learn to Fly.” Grohl was returning to his home state of Virginia where the rest of the members of Foo Fighters were setting up at a home studio. Grohl came across a huge fireworks store, while transporting a recording console for the studio from Nashville, Tennessee, and budded the idea of an at-home firework to win over his neighbors approval.

“Silly old me didn’t stabilise the damn thing before I lit it (apparently necessary) and it tipped over, facing the crowd, with two more rounds in the chamber,” Grohl recollects. “Need I say more? Lawn chairs flying. Grandmas running. Children screaming. Dads in shorts scattering. Ears ringing from the deafening sound of a thousand explosions all around us. Panic. Chaos. Mayhem. Anarchy. Terror.” 

Dave Grohl concludes his story by disclosing that he’s never touched a firework since. Click through the Instagram post below to read the whole story.

Foo Fighters recently announced that they were postponing dates for their 25th anniversary Van Tour 2020 due to coronavirus. The tour was set to begin on April 12 and was scheduled to stop through the cities they once visited on their very first tour in 1995. On March 16, the band announced that all dates would be rescheduled.

“The second we are given the go-ahead, we’ll come tear shit up like we always do,” Grohl wrote in a statement. “Promise.”


Photo: Unsplash

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