Shakey Graves Debuts Documentary Series ‘Hello Gorgeous’

Shakey Graves

Alejandro Rose-Garcia, known as Shakey Graves, released a project he was working on even before quarantine. The artist premiered Hello Gorgeous, a three part documentary and music video project.

There are a total of five episodes and each one will premiere every other Monday at noon. Each episode will feature an unreleased song and never-before-seen studio footage. As for the other weeks in between these premieres, you can find Shakey Graves streaming at-home concerts for charity. Be sure to follow him on Twitter to keep up with the updates.

In a press release Shakey Graves said, “It had been a dream of mine for a while to get my own studio together, a place where I could just flip a switch and my creative energies could boot to life.”

This dream became a reality once he gathered a team to help create this vision. “I had a lot of videos floating about on the internet of me playing music, but none that I had ever created myself.”

Check out the full schedule and stream the full episode below.


4/06 – Episode 1: Look Alive

4/13 – Hello Gorgeous Live!…kind of

4/20 – (woah) – Episode 2: The Recipe

4/27 – Hello Gorgeous Live!…but not

5/04 – Episode 3: Under The Hood


Shakey Graves Presents: Hello Gorgeous Episode 1- ‘Look Alive’

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