Taylor Swift releases re-recorded album ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’

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By Brooklyn Solis

In the midst of fall and winter, the queen of autumn heartache songs is back to claim her territory. Taylor Swift returns with her second re-recording album this year, Red (Taylor’s Version).

Contrary to the original 16-song album, Taylor’s Version consists of 30 songs tricked out with B-sides and vault outtakes, reworked with more boom and details in the production.

The 30 song record is accumulated by the original 16 songs from the 2012 version, along with four bonus tracks from the deluxe edition and to our excitement seven previously-unheard tracks from the original Red writing sessions including collaborations with Phoebe Bridgers on “Nothing New,” “I Bet You Think About Me” with Chris Stapleton, and bestie Ed Sheeran featured on “Run.”

The saying: “you don’t mess with perfection” proves to not apply here; Swift was forced to reclaim Red after Scooter Braun bought and then sold the rights to those master recordings, still Swift managed to make a classic album even better.

To no ones surprise, the album was long anticipated and instantly hyped up among its release by Swifties all over, consequently the release date of ‘Taylor’s Version’ is now said to be, “a bad day to be Jake Gyllenhaal.”

Although, Swift has never denied nor confirmed the inspiration for the album Swifties have widely accepted the Gyllenhaal theory.

The long-awaited 10-minute version of fan favorite “All Too Well,” may attest to this theory as lyrics, “I’ll get older but your lovers stay my age,” is a direct hit of Swift’s brutal breakup lyrics to Gyllenhaal who was 29 at the time of their relationship while Swift was on the edge of turning 21.

Accompanying the release, Swift has her fans anticipating the release of her short film entitled, All to Well, featuring stars Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien set to premiere November 12, 7pm ET via YouTube.

Listen to Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version) below.

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