The Black Keys Play Single “Go” to Tease Upcoming Tour

The Black Keys performing



The Black Keys are back in full throttle after their four year hiatus.

The duo recently played a set in Nashville for members of their fan club that was both a rehearsal and look into their upcoming tour that starts in September. The band recently released a clip of that set, which features the full performance of their single “Go” fresh off their most recent album “Let’s Rock.”


The Black Keys – Go

Leading up to their latest album, the two spoke on concert fatigue and the struggles that come with constant touring which eventually lead to their break in 2015. However, the clip clearly shows that the band is ready to get back into the groove again. Frontman Dan Auerbach gives it all he has with a soulful performance that leads to a classic Black Keys solo, and drummer Patrick Carney snaps the tempo right in two with a heavy halftime towards the end. 

Overall, it’s a very welcome return to the stage for the modern day rock icons.


Photo: YouTube

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