The Killers Share Deluxe Edition of ‘Imploding the Mirage’

The Killers

Back in August 2020, The Killers released their sixth studio album Imploding the Mirage. Now, they’ve shared the deluxe edition featuring one new track titled “C’est La Vie,” an acoustic performance of “Blowback,” and a “Wasatch Style” of “Caution.” Wasatch is a mountain range in Utah where Brandon Flowers currently resides in.

“As if Imploding The Mirage wasn’t deluxe enough, we made it even more so! Excess granted, people of earth, behold the mighty deluxe edition,” wrote the band.

What was once set to be released on May 29, 2020, the group pushed back the album’s release date due to the coronavirus pandemic. Imploding the Mirage follows The Killers’ 2017 album Wonderful Wonderful.

Hear the new additions below.


Photo: Shutterstock Images


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