The Strokes Announce Their Latest Album ‘The New Abnormal’

juilian casablancas

The Strokes officially announced the release of their sixth full-length album The New Abnormal

The album is set to come out in the midst of their international tour on April 10th (which unfortunately does not include the Austin area). It will feature nine songs, including their first single “At the Door” and “Bad Decisions” – a song they performed at the Bernie Sanders campaign rally in New Hampshire on Monday. 

The album cover artwork is a painting by celebrated 80s artist Jean-Michel Basquiat called Bird on Money. It features blue, yellow, and white blocks of color with sketch-like figures in neutrals.

Keeping in tune with the 80’s theme, the announcement follows the debut of the “At the Door” music video. 

The music video is akin to an animated 80s television show. It features superheroes, intergalactic scenes, a monstrous rabbit, and a coming-of-age foreshadow.

Watch the music video below.

The Strokes – At The Door (Official Video)


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