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Ben Kweller to Release Single and Album

A new album and single are coming soon from Texas icon Ben Kweller.

It's been seven years since the singer-songwriter released his last album. But that's all going to change. Kweller will release new music this Friday.

The artist’s new album, Circuit to Boredom is expected to be out later this year, and his single “Heart Attack Kid,” will be released on Friday, February 9th.

Along with the new single will come a music video premiere, which was co-directed by Superorganism band member Robert Strange. The music video will be out on February 11th.

Kweller’s break with music was caused by a near death experience he and his family encountered five years ago. The singer-songwriter, his wife and two children almost succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning while they were on vacation in New Mexico.

Kweller’s spark with music came back after some life-changing moments. It occurred after one of his lifelong friends, Dwight A. Baker told him it was time to get back at it, and helped him find his rhythm again. The other was when his close friend and actor Anton Yelchin died in a freak accident in 2016. These turning points made him realize that life is short, and his talents shouldn’t go to waste. 

Now, Kweller is ready to take the stage again. He will begin his tour on February 11th in Dallas, TX and plans to perform during SXSW at the Hotel San Jose. As of now, there are no dates confirmed.

The new single can be heard on ACL Radio starting tomorrow morning at 10am.

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