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New Music to Listen to, New Music Videos to Watch

Haven't been able to keep up with the new music releases lately? That's why we're here. Some artists, who have previously brought their talents to Austin City Limits Music Festival, have released some new tunes and music videos over the past few days. 

We've listed a few that are defintely worth checking out.


Vampire Weekend- Harmony Hall

Vampire Weekend have released a music video for their latest single “Harmony Hall.” The single was released last month, along with "2021." It’s been 6 years since the band released their last album, Modern Vampires of the City. Now, their fourth album, Father of the Bride, is coming soon. The band will be releasing two new songs each month until their album release.  

Foals- On The Luna

Following their first single, “Exits,” “On the Luna” is the second single we’ve heard from the band since 2015. The indie-rock band will be dropping not one, but two albums this year. The first album, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 will be released on March 8th.

Donna Missal- Jupiter

This rising star released her debut album This Time back in September 2018. And now, she has made her directorial debut with "Jupiter." Missal filmed the music video in her hometown in New Jersey. With the song being about a first love, Missal wanted to express that idea by filming in a place where she initially felt all of those emotions. By refelcting back to her hometown, she wanted to remind others about where they grew up, and experienced a feeling of love for the first time. After her video premiere, Missal then went on to release a brand new song a few days later. Check it out below. 

Donna Missal- Get Well


Up next, singer-songwriter Hozier.

Hozier- Dinner & Diatribes

Hozier is releasing his second album, Wasteland, Baby! in just a few weeks. The artist has now released two singles off the new album, which is set to be released on March 1st. It’s been over four years since his last full-length, self-titled album. His latest single, “Dinner & Diatribes,” has left fans eager to hear the rest of Hozier’s new material in the next few days.

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