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Spoon to Release Greatest Hits Collection + Listen to New Tune

Written by: Roger Flores

Spoon are one of Austin’s many musical gems, and now you can relive their over 20 year long career with their new greatest hits LP!

All of Spoon’s classic tracks are being compiled into one release, along with one completely new track. With Everything Hits All At Once, the band will put together 12 of their most iconic tracks, along with their new song “No Bullets Spent.” The LP is set to be released July 26th through Matador Records, the same time the band is set to come through Austin while on tour with Cage the Elephant and Beck.

The 13 song LP will feature Spoon staples such as “You Got Yr Cherry Bomb,” “The Underdog,” and “Got Nuffin.” With the Austin favorites’ career spanning more than 20 years, the album has the daunting task of compiling only 12 of their best works. However, the tracklist appears more than promising.


1.  I Turn My Camera On

2.   Do You

3.   Don’t You Evah

4.   Inside Out

5.   The Way We Get By

6.   The Underdog

7.   Hot Thoughts

8.   I Summon You

9.   Rent I Pay

10. You Got Yr Cherry Bomb

11. Got Nuffin

12. Everything Hits At Once

13. No Bullets Spent


As for the final and new track “No Bullets Spent,” it seems impossible for a new track to live up to the hype of literal decades long career of great Spoon jams. However, the upbeat and driving track easily holds its own with the best of Spoon’s material. Listen to it below.


Spoon - "No Bullets Spent" (Lyric Video)


Frontman Britt Daniel stated of the LP overall, “I love a greatest hits LP when it’s done well. It can be a thing unto itself,” also noting his first experiences with bands such as The Cure and New Order being compilation tracks.

As mentioned, Spoon will be featured as the special guest on Cage the Elephant and Beck’s “Night Running Tour.” Tickets are now available to purchase.


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