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How You Can Help the City of Port Arthur

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The holiday season is almost upon us but many along the Texas gulf are still trying to rebuild from Hurricane Harvey.

In the city of Port Arthur alone there are over 1,000 homes that still need to be cleaned up. 

If you're wondering what you can do to help, the Austin Disaster Relief Network has a solution. They're asking for the help of over a 1,000 volunteers per weekend to make a substantial impact in the community.

These are the weekends available to help:
•    Dec 1st-3rd
•    Dec 8th-10th
•    Jan 19-21st

For further details about the community, please look below:
•    3,107 own a home and 76% do not have flood insurance (1,988 households)
•    4,218 cars destroyed (123 families have full-time jobs but have no transportation)
•    1,177 need their home mucked out (69 families still live in their home even though it has not been mucked-out and they had up to 4’ of water in their home)
•    2,285 need their home sprayed for mold
•    497 households need roof repair/blue tarp

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