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A Few Things You Might Not Know About The Bright Light Social Hour

Photo: Getty Images / Michael Loccisano

We're closing out this season of KGSR's Blues on the Green with some familiar faces: The Bright Light Social Hour. Whether you're an Austin native or a newbie transplant, you probably already know TBLSH as they're one of Austin's most popular bands. You also probably know them because they've played #BOTG before, as well as KGSR's SXSW and ACL Live Morning Broadcasts.

So you know their music, but do you know much about them? Read on for some TBLSH trivia to impress your friends at BOTG on August 2nd. Because we all know the ultimate way to impress friends is to share trivia, right?

Their band name was inspired by a college course in Hinduism

The guys of TBLSH did their own Reddit AMA last year. When asked about their band name, Curtis responded with:

I took a course in college on Hinduism. During class we watched a documentary featuring Indian activist Arundhati Roy. She described the job of an activist as shining a bright light into the darkness of empire (paraphrase). Recently politicized, I connected with this and found it a sturdy metaphor for artists. That's the "Bright Light" part. The "Social Hour" came out of a desire to make our performances and music feel like community spaces - at least cosmic ones.


You've probably caught their music during a TV binge watching marathon.

The band has had at least a couple songs featured on TV shows. That Main Title for Amazon's Sneaky Pete? That's TBLSH. 


That song playing on Hulu's "Shut Eye" while a man is burying a body? That's TBLSH: 


They love dressing up as women.

On Facebook they shared an Iggy Pop quote and said, "Infinite love and gratitude to all the women & feminine-identifying goddesses who make this beautiful world turn!"


Their main influences would make a killer playlist.

On the same Reddit AMA mentioned above, the guys were asked about the bands who have influenced their sound.

Miles Davis, Marvin Gaye, Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips, Can, Pure X, Forbidden Planet, Fela Kuti, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Michael Jackson, Jodorowsky, Dune, Jodorowsky's Dune, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Curtis Mayfield, Frankie Knuckles


Jim Eno of Spoon produced their latest single, "Tear Down That Wall."

Looks like he may have also played tambourine for them?


They've performed at 35,000 feet.

No headphones required on this trip: TBLSH was on the inaugural Virign Airlines flight from SFO to Austin and played for all the passengers.

So now when you're at KGSR's Blues on the Green, you can drop some TLBSH trivia. You're welcome. Click here for more info on BOTG and we'll see you in a couple weeks!

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