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Frozen Drinks Are The Bomb (Pop)

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There's more to frozen drinks than pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Austin's temps have us looking for any cold beverage around and these are definitely the coldest. A far cry from the sugary sweet daiquiris of the past, peep these five places with a frozen on tap. 

Violet Crown Social Club: The Orange (Iron) Whip is like a boozy orange dreamsicle but drinkable. Guaranteed not to melt all over your hands like the popsicle. 

Infinite Monkey Theorem: Frozen rose? Yes please. Its your favorite wine but cooler and mixed with a little agave to make it a little bit sweeter. Skip the brose, go frose.

Shangri-La: This east side staple has five frozen beverages on tap - a shangrilady, texas sweet peach, frozen irish coffee, afternoon delight and a strawberry lemonade. 

Qui: Level up the otter pop with their Filipino "ice candy." This is exactly what it sounds like... a frozen push pop lookin' thing with booze and fruit. 

The Park: Who wouldn't love a frozen mojito? Made with Bacardi Superior, mint, soda, fresh lime and simple syrup. Bienvenidos a bliss! 

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