Can you get Covid 19…again? APH says maybe

Austin health officials continue to study the effects coronavirus has on recovered patients, and whether or not the average person develops enough antibodies to form an immunity.

Austin Public Health officials say there is still no clear answer on how susceptible people are to re-infection of coronavirus. A lot of people want to know: do we build up immunity if we’re infected and recover.  The short answer, according to Travis County Health Authority Dr. Mark Escott, is… the jury is still out on that one, “With any disease, individuals are going to have some variability with their immunity. And part of that is based upon their own body’s response to the initial disease.”

He said if your body doesn’t mount a significant immunoresponse, you won’t produce the necessary antibodies.  He reported some jurisdictions have seen 2-3% of people retesting positive, so he thinks it’s very likely Travis County could see the same.

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