Mosser Show Notes Thur 11/5: SIMS Benefit, Halloween COVID Warning, more

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Our pals at the SIMS Foundation have a major fundraiser coming up next Thursday featuring some tippy top Austin talent, including Gina Chavez who killed it with us the other night at Stubb’s.

If you saw the same pictures I saw from Halloween on 6th Street and thought, here we go again – well, here we go again. The Austin Health Authority believes that a recent uptick in active coronavirus cases, hitting levels not seen since last August, is related to people partying together over Halloween weekend. If that’s you, you’re advised to quarantine and get tested ASAP. This is how our most recent huge spike got started, over Memorial Day.

Speaking of questionable gatherings – Austin’s Alejandro “Shakey Graves” Rose-Garcia stars in a new movie that’s billed by some as the “Gen-Z Slacker” – which makes it worth a look for sure! It was featured during the recent virtual Austin Film Festival.

New Arcade Fire jam echoes the nutball times in which we find ourselves ensconced.

And finally….if you’re disappointed in the election so far, while you’re waiting for the BIG shoe to drop, you might feel better reading up on one particular trend that seems to continue nationally. Texas, that’s a lotta taxes!


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