Mosser Show Notes Tue 11/24: Eater 38 Returns, No Booze at Wal-Mart, DPS Steps Up, the “Hard Science” of Star Wars, more

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I’ve followed‘s “Eater 38” list for years, but during the pandemic and its accompanying disruption of the restaurant business, I guess I hadn’t noticed they’d suspended their quarterly updates. Glad to see that it’s back, and accommodating places that have gone above and beyond to make eating out as safe as possible.

As heard on the show this morning, a haunting and timely take by Phoebe Bridgers of a Merle Haggard classic – I’m adding it to the Acoustic Brunch Club rotation.

Wal-Mart took it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court – but alas, looks like they won’t be selling booze anytime soon.

Here’s hoping you’re NOT traveling this Thanksgiving, but if you’re hitting the road, do be on the watch for State PoPo, and don’t drink and drive.

Nerd Alert: while the first sequel The Empire Strikes Back is inarguably the best of the Star Wars movies, here’s a good argument that the original film contained the “hardest” science of them all – before the whole thing got bogged down in hokey religions, ancient weapons and nonsuch.

And speaking of hard science, meet the new boss: Douglas, the Autonomous Digital Human. We have a loooooong way to go, and I’m not even sure we wanna get there.

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