Hear Norah Jones Cover Soundgarden, New Bob Schneider, Emily Wolfe, And Much More on Lone Star State of Mind

Norah Jones, who grew up in Grapevine, has released her first ever live album called ‘Til We Meet Again, featuring 14 songs that were recorded at various places around the world between 2017 through 2019.  This tribute to Chris Cornell was performed at the Fox Theater in Detroit, just days after Cornell’s death following a performance at the same venue.

On Lone Star State of Mind we also played “Lord of the Flies” from Bob Schneider, whose new album In A Roomful of Blood With A Sleeping Tiger comes out on August 27th.

Emily Wolfe worked with Michael Shuman of Queens of the Stone Age on her upcoming second album Outlier that’ll be released on June 26th.  We played her new song “Something Better” on LSSOM.

With all the violence and that has taken place recently, I find solace in music, always.  Erin Ivey’s song “Charleston” reminds us of the horrific shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in 2017, but gives us hope on how we can heal.   “Join our voices and we’ll overcome.”  This song comes from her beautiful album Solace in the Wild.

Fastball’s 2019 album The Help Machine was an absolute gem.  I was thrilled to hear that Miles Zuniga and Tony Scalzo are writing and planning to release some new Fastball in 2021.  We featured the title track, “The Help Machine,” on Lone Star State of Mind.

Mobley says “Mate” is the one love song on his new EP, Young And Dying In the Occident Supreme.   He wrote and recorded the song in secret, then surprised his wife with it.

Meagan Tubb & Shady People just released a video for the song “Rainbow Child” that is included on their new album Signs And Wonders.  Watch it here

Rick Sal recorded his new album Six Feet Under The Sun in his RV, affectionately named Winnabagel Studio, in four states:  Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, and Washington.  We played “No Love Songs Today” on Lone Star State of Mind.

Tele Novella have a charming new album out called Merlynn Belle.  We played “Paper Crown” on LSSOM.

Jenny Reynolds weaves an intoxicating story of the life of a prima ballerina in her song “Dance For Me” from her album Any Kind of Angel, which is full of such stories and vignettes.  Jenny, btw, teaches guitar at UT.

The always impeccably-dressed Charley Crockett recorded a cover of the Billy Swan song “I Can Help” with Bruce Robison as part of his The Next Waltz project.

Erica Michelle released an impressive debut EP in 2020, produced by Ray Prim, called Cry About It.  We played “Be There Soon” on LSSOM.

And we closed out the show with Alien,” a new song from Danny Golden, who has an EP coming out on Friday called Changes.

Thanks for listening!

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