Mosser Show Notes Fri 8/28: Record Store Day, More Bars Close, New Pumpkins, more

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Bummed to hear of the closing of the Dirty Dog Bar on Sixth. I’ve mentioned my history with the local metal scene lately here, but that’s far enough in my rear view mirror that I wasn’t really a regular at the Dirty Dog. Still, I know that they have become every bit the institution that any other venue specializing in the hard stuff has been in Austin. Our live music venues are much more than the buildings they rent and occupy (consider the odyssey of Antone’s across our city since its founding). It’s really about the vision of the folks running and booking the venue, and the artists they book – all of whom will have another chance in the After.

When it rains, it pours – B.D. Riley’s, also on East 6th, is closing that 20-year location, but their more recently established establishment remains open in Mueller.

A similar threat faces our local record stores, as you know. Record Store Day is still on, however, as a three-day event this year – the first day of which is tomorrow (Saturday the 29th). I’ve had my complaints about Record Store Day over the years, but this is no time to sweat small stuff. Rather, it’s time to score something new and support!

The most hated man in rock & roll is gonna be chilling in the hoosegow for at least a couple more years.

As heard this morning on the show, there’s new Smashing Pumpkins music to review.

The members of Pearl Jam would really, really like you to vote this fall.

And…it’s Florence Welch’s birthday!

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