Mosser Show Notes Mon 7/27: Beer, Tay Tay, Beer, Baseball, Black Pumas Beer, and more


I had a bit of a weekend of discovery the last couple of days. I discovered that the Black Is Beautiful stout at St. Elmo Brewing in South Austin is 100% worthy of its honorable cause. I discovered that, in spite of my preference for football, I actually REALLY enjoy baseball, or more accurately, I enjoy the normalcy of baseball being piped into my quarantine shelter, crowd or no (here’s hoping they can hang in there). And, I discovered that Taylor Swift’s new album folklore is my favorite of the year so far. Given protracted isolation and boredom, new beer, new sports seasons and new music suddenly mean a LOT more than they used to. My advice: dive in.

Speaking of new beers, in a similar vein as the Black Is Beautiful initiative, our buds in Black Pumas have teamed up with 4th Tap Brewing to crank out the new Stay Gold Hoppy Pale Ale, with proceeds benefiting social justice causes.

While we’re on the topic of craft beer, it’s worth noting that in similar fashion to our local live music venues, our local craft brewers are facing daunting circumstances, and many of them do not expect survive the year without your support. Come on, you’re thirsty, right?

And after a couple of those beers, you’ll likely gain new appreciation for a totally dazzling shot of the planet Saturn that was recently snapped by the Hubble Space Telescope.

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