Mosser Show Notes Tue 12/22: Austin Police Takeover, Relief for Austin Music Venues, Beatles Doc Peek, more

austin skyline

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You’ve heard that our Governor is discussing having the Texas Department of Public Safety take over the law enforcement functions of the Austin Police Department in response to its “de-funding” by the Austin City Council, and also due to our supposedly explosively skyrocketing crime rate. A few things to note: (1) Austin is currently the ninth-safest large city in the country, (2) San Antonio, Dallas and Houston all have far higher rates of crime, (3) the crime statistics the Governor cites are from before the “de-funding” the Governor cites, (4) a state takeover of our local law enforcement is very likely unconstitutional, and (5) such a move would make our Texas highways LESS safe, and our state troopers very, very bored. This is 100% political theater and wasted energy at a moment of crisis.

That huge pandemic relief bill passed in D.C. last night is also welcome news for Austin music venues.

A GREAT sneak peek of the new Peter Jackson Beatles documentary:

And finally, the Avett Brothers are throwing an online New Year’s Eve ball, and you’re invited!

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