Mosser Show Notes Tue 8/4: Laguna Gloria Returns, BELLSAINT Belts, Stevie Nicks Says Mask Up, Longhorns Lay Down The Rules, more


Happy to hear that Laguna Gloria is re-opening this week, initially to members only, making now quite the perfect time to become a member.

You’ve heard the recent news regarding U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert of East Texas. What we didn’t know is that the Congressman has a daughter making a living in Los Angeles as a musician. Caroline Gohmert, known professionally as BELLSAINT, has spoken out in regard to her frustration at her father’s cavalier regard for pandemic safety protocols. I got curious about her work, and it turns out she’s quite good – this is the song you may have heard on my show this morning, and if you watch the show Riverdale, you’ve probably already heard it – it’s closing in on 2 million Spotify spins.

On that same tip, if you noticed a somewhat unusual old-school Stevie Nicks spin this morning, that was in observation of a nice journal entry from the gossamer queen along a similar theme: mask up or die.

Our good dudes Black Pumas are on your screen again, this time promoting a new Amazon EP, The Electric Deluxe Sessions.

Arcade Fire have similarly taken to the Web recently for some good trouble.

An update on the situation with The Killers, who have been looking into allegations of sexual misconduct among their road crew.

And finally, for you hardcore homers still considering packing into DKR this year for Texas Longhorns football, here are the new rules. (I’ll be in my back yard.) First game on the current schedule is September 5, vs South Florida.

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