Mosser Show Notes Wed 8/12: Winning Free Beer, Exploring East Austin, Hoarding Dr. Pepper, and more

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I’ve yapped and yapped about how important it is to support our local craft brewers, and now that many of them are at least partially shut down by the Governor’s orders for a second time, that’s never been more true. Over the last few years, I’ve enjoyed getting to know the folks at the Texas Beer Company in Taylor, who are a good example of this mixed circumstance: while their very nice taproom in downtown Taylor is shut down, their fine canned wares have been flying off the shelves of H.E.B., Spec’s and other great beverage purveyors around town. Not all local brewers are fortunate enough to have widespread retail space to keep them going, though, so please visit your favorites directly and often. And, do take advantage of a chance to score some Texas Beer Company beer for FREE from Loris Lowe via her daily Whaddya Want For Lunch operation!

Whaddya Want For Lunch?

At the beginning of the pandemic, we all sensibly deduced that we were going to be spending ALL of our quarantine time at home on the john, so we bought up all the toilet paper. Then, we decided we needed to save soap, so we bought all the hand sanitizer. Then, we were feeling puny and bought all the dumbbells! Imagine the guns in the After. Now, quite understandably, it’s been deemed not only hip but necessary to buy up all the Dr. Pepper, which is really pretty self-explanatory.

Apparently, most of you are watching about 17 hours of TV every day. I have been spending more time with music myself, but one TV treat I did enjoy was Ozark, especially the performance of Julia Garner as the delightfully foul-mouthed Ruth Langmore. Also enjoyed a more subdued but super impactful turn from Garner in The Assistant. She’s popped up on Fallon lately.

Some of us, when not sitting on the toilet all day, or scarfing Dr. Pepper all day, or watching TV an entire season at a time, have been making music – thankfully, a lot of our sidelined artists have been putting the time to good use. A new book from Jeff Tweedy of Wilco promises that you’ll be able to write at least one solid tune after you read it.

It’s hot as hell in Austin, but at least we ain’t Phoenix.

Beat the heat by putting ACL Radio on your headphones and heading out early in the morning or in the evening to get some fresh air, a little exercise, and discover the cool street art of East Austin! All put together by the Austin Dualthletes, and helping the Central Texas Food Bank.

And…it’s Buck Owens’ birthday! Here’s to the day, not too far away, when we’ll all be together again.

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