Mosser Show Notes Wed 8/26 – Avetts on PBS, a Death in the Texas Metal Family, Devo vs TikTok Twerps, more

avetts red rocks

I’ve told the story of letting my teenage kids attend an Avett Brothers show at Red Rocks in Colorado the summer before last, with no “adult” supervision – they were 17 and 15 at the time. It seemed like a somewhat risky call back then, but they had a genuinely awesome and instructive concert experience, and in light of the pandemic since, I’m so glad we let them go. That same gig is now the subject of a PBS concert film which will air this weekend.

Some of you will know that I have a history in the Texas heavy metal game. There’s been a huge loss to that scene as the Dallas band Power Trip has lost their frontman Riley Gale. Our condolences to his family and to the rest of the band, which in my humble opinion, is the ultimate example of D/FW-style metal.

In spite of my lifelong heavy metal inclinations, I have no tattoos – and at this stage in the game, it’s likely to stay that way. Hell, in a town like Austin with my complete lack of ink, I’m the rebel! But if I were to get a tattoo, it very well might be one of Kurt Cobain, wearing a Daniel Johnston Jeremiah the Innocent t-shirt.

I have no idea who Bryce Hall is, and I’ll probably keep that as-is as well, especially after hearing that his recent COVID party disturbed the rest of Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh …while Mark was trying to recover from COVID! I am trying to imagine anything less cool.

And…it’s Shirley Manson’s birthday. How did I never notice until now that this song samples The Clash’s Train In Vain?

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