Chicks, Cuckoos, Haberdashers, Angels–Texas Has It All!

Lone Star State of Mind - Sundays 8-9PM with Loris Lowe

Here’s the Lone Star State of Mind Playlist from March 8, 2020.

Dixie Chicks –“Gaslighter” (Gaslighter)

The Cuckoos – “Heartbreak Paradise” (I Hate Love)

Wild Child – “Think It Over” (Expectations)

The Wind + The Wave – “Dakota” (Covers)

Nick Pagliari – “When I Leave” (Midway)

The Belle Sounds – “I Lose Myself”

The Haberdashers – “Lost” (As Luck Would Have It)

Tomar & the FCs – “Innocence” (Rise Above)

The Black Angels – “Don’t Play With Guns” (Indigo Meadow)

Pike and Sutton – “Let The Music Get You High” (Heart Is A Compass)

The Wealthy West – “This Much Is True” (The Right Regrets)

Jerry Jeff Walker – “L.A. Freeway”  (Jerry Jeff Walker)

Fastball – “Friend or Foe” (The Help Machine)

Reddening West – “Even If” (Deltas)

Walker Lukens – “We See U” (Adult)

Rodney Crowell – “Flatland Hillbillies” (Texas)

Bob Wills – “Stay A Little Longer”



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