Trevin Show Notes 2/2: First Day, Groundhog Day + Wild Card Jam

Local Natives

Welp, new guy alert!

Trevin here, excited to be waking up with everyone and getting our day started off together. We’ll take a look at the day ahead, sip coffee, get our acts together…highlight all-things-Austin, and we’ll talk about the tunes we’re playing and the fantastic Artists behind them. You get the idea. Looking forward to having you along for the ride. The show is ours together, so please holler on socials; @trevininaustin, email a guy here.

Tuesday, 2/2/21 Show Notes:

  • Literal Groundhog Day for my 1st show. Greeeat. I’m not sure what that means…Anyways there’s a shadow! 6 more weeks of winter. Gah! (It’s Texas tho, it will be in the 80’s this Thursday, lol, could tie the temperature record set all the way back in the 1950’s! #old #factoid


  • ZoMbIE ZoNE – AKA Round Rock, Texas – Drivers in THE ROCK beware; Chisolm Trail Road between Old Settler’s and Hwy 79 is CLOSED TODAY for filming of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD. There’s a traffic joke somewhere in there. Heads up, steer clear, or bring some protection…you know, cause zombies!


  • Weather looking great in Austin for the rest of the week, warming up from today, tomorrow and Thursday


  • Wild Card jam this morning courtesy of Local Natives x Sylvan Esso, we bopped “Dark Days” (even though it’s sunny and perfect)

Local Natives – Dark Days ft. Sylvan Esso


  • Watchoo Watchin?? – If you haven’t yet checked out David Byrne’s American Utopia, super recommend, directed by Spike Lee. Available on HBO Max. Check your preferred streaming service for it! It took me right back to his performance at ACL Fest a couple years back.

Look forward to catching up tomorrow morning bright and early. Have a great day! Be safe and be kind to one another out there. XO


Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

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