From Brownout To Buddy Holly, Here Is The Lone Star State Of Mind Playlist

Lone Star State of Mind

February 10, 2020 Lone Star State of Mind

Brownout – “Somewhere To Go” (Berlin Sessions)

Holy Wave – “Nation In Regress” (Adult Fear)

Happy, Hollow – “Year By Year”

Jonathan Terrell – “Give It Time”

Favor – “You Will Not See Today”

Twang Twang Shock-A-Boom – “Give Your Love Away”  (Me So Twangy)

Corbella – “I Know”

Marmalakes – “Milwaukee” (Please Don’t Stop)

Wild Child – “Hold On Hold You” (1996 EP)

The Human Circuit – “Right Now” (Tar Nation EP)

Buddy Holly – “Raining In My Heart”

Terri Hendrix – “Sometimes” (Cry Til You Laugh)

Croy & the Boys – “A Song To Play The Next Time That I Meet Your Mother” (Howdy High-Rise)

Beth Richard – “Hurricane Night” (Forever Man)

Larry Seaman – “Coming Around” (Resurrectionist)

Willie Nelson – “Valentine” (Broadcasts Vol. 19)

Robert Ellis – “Aren’t We Supposed To Be In Love” (Robert Ellis Is The Texas Piano Man)

Dawn & Hawkes – “Promised Land” (The Other Side)


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