Mosser Show Notes Mon 8/3: On Perry Farrell, The Go-Go’s, Taylor Swift, Tony Bennett, Annabelle, Snakes, the Party Barn, and more


Found myself down a Perry Farrell rabbit hole over the weekend, whilst enjoying his stuff on the Lollapalooza livestream. Remembering what a unique blast of cool Jane’s Addiction was when they hit, bending both genders and expectations of what “metal” could be for the young and dumb Lubbock headbanger I was in the late 80’s. My friends all thought they were weird, which is how I knew they were the real deal. Being heartbroken when they broke up right after I had managed to see them live only twice. Loving that first Porno For Pyros record that followed – listened thru it for the first time in probably 10 years yesterday. I loved all of it. Thanks Perry.

We’re pretty big fans of The Go-Go’s around here – still have not managed to take in the new Showtime documentary, but did manage to get their new song on the radio this morning – first new Go-Go’s jam in 19 years!

It’s pretty great to be Taylor Swift right now. Of course, when has it not been great to be Taylor Swift? Add to the success of her surprise new record…a bit of a Swiftian mystery.

There’s a study underway in Germany about how COVID transmission happens in a crowd at a live music event, with the hope of figuring out ways to slow or stop it.

At a time when we’re lamenting the loss of so many Austin institutions in the wake of this stupid virus, it’s nice to see one make a rebound, and gives us hope that more will eventually get another chance.

Are you looking for another reason to avoid Florida at all costs? Here you go.

Did you miss National Doll Day yesterday? So, apparently, did the remote-working staff of New Line Cinema, who clearly forgot that Annabelle has the run of their Burbank offices.

And…it’s Tony Bennett’s 94th birthday! Thank you sir, for everything.

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