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There’s still a little kid in the back of Chris Mosser’s mind that thinks the backdrop of Austin City Limits is real. Growing up in Lubbock, the early episodes of the TV show created for Chris an image of Austin as a magical place where music looms large, and provided early the ambition to make that place his home – which he did, in 1993. On the last day of the 2017 ACL Fest, Chris did some rough mental math and determined that day had likely been his 50th time to stalk the grounds of the festival. “It’s a situation and environment that has come to feel so familiar and comfortable that Zilker Park on non-ACL days, while wonderful of course, seems almost kind of empty and echoes with years of music for me,” says Chris. Funny how “Austin City Limits” really means no limits at all – those three words signify what our morning guy loves best about the greatest city in America, and he couldn’t be prouder to call it his home.

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