Trevin Show Notes 2/22/21 – Water! Wild Cards & More.

willie nelson

Hello! I’ve just returned from buying new mobile phones for me and my whife. It took as long as buying a car! Phew.

*Water Returns to Austin! Mostly, with caveats. Like boiling it for most areas! Austin Water expects to return to normal operation in the coming days. Ours turned on around 8:30 last night. We were watching telly and we heard the sweet nectar return through our open taps. Ahhhh a hot shower.

Water pickup points throughout Austin are happening again tomorrow, 2/23. Full information below.

February 2021 – Cold Weather Emergency Resources |


*Our first Wild Card of the day comes to us from Willie Nelson and Karen O. Together they’ve taken on “Under Pressure”. I chose this because, well, water pressure is cool, so is this song, AND Willie has a new record out this Friday!

*Our 2nd Wild Card of the morning came to us from Manchester Orchestra. Hot off the email inbox presses. Love Andy Hull and everything MO so hadda get this one on quick. Check out “Bed Head” below!

Alright. Looking forward to a more normal-ish (pandemic aside) week. See you guys bright and early tomorrow morning

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