Mosser Show Notes Wed 8/5: Brauns Go Virtual, Austin Java Goes Bye-Bye (almost), Happy BDay MCA, more

mosser willy

Reckless Kelly ringleader Willy Braun has been joined in his public disgust over recent comments by Spotify’s CEO by a chorus of musical types who agree wholeheartedly, including R.E.M. bassist Mike Mills. All of the above are understandably miffed.

Speaking of Willy – while you know that the Braun family looms large here in Texas, between the legendary exploits of both Reckless and brethren Micky and the Motorcars, you may also know that they’re also quite a looming presence – maybe even more so – back in their native Idaho. That’s where the annual Braun Brothers Reunion goes down, but for this year it’s set to undergo the now-familiar virtual transformation that so many other great live gatherings have.

The local closure bummers continue to pile up, as we learn that Austin Java is closing three of its four remaining locations, including the one across Willie Nelson Blvd. from ACL Live. I was bummed years ago when the House Park store shuttered. The Menchaca Austin Java in south Austin is now their last outpost remaining open, but management remains optimistic about their post-pandemic prospects.

Meanwhile, Austin is officially a city of over 1 million residents, making Texas the only state in the nation with 4 of those. Congratulations?

Along with that growth has come an obvious recent escalation in Austin’s homelessness crisis. If you think you’ve noticed it worsening lately, you’re not dreamin’. As a community, we are badly in need of a smarter, kinder solution.

I’m pretty picky about my podcasts, sticking pretty closely in my free time to Pod Save America and In The Bubble with Andy Slavitt – between those two and one other local one, I’m damn near taxed on pod time – but this new pod thang from Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World looks worth a go.

And…it’s Adam “MCA” Yauch’s birthday. The eldest Beastie Boy would have been just 56. Happy MCA Day!

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