Lorde’s Deluxe Edition of ‘Solar Power’ Arrives this Week


A deluxe version of Lorde’s latest album Solar Power is coming this Friday, November 5.

Fans were notified in Lorde’s newsletter; she unveiled that two never-released tracks will be available to stream in a few days. The songs are called “Helen of Troy” and “Hold No Grudge.” The artist claims that the unheard tracks were the “black sheep” of this album. “They didn’t quite fit into the tracklist for whatever reason but they’re both big tunes.”

If you didn’t know, it’s also Lorde’s birthday week, and she’s celebrating with more than the deluxe edition. A brand new music video for her song “Fallen Fruit” is out now. In the video, the New Zealand artist makes her way to the same beach from her past music video “Solar Power.” While the music video for her title track is more on the ethereal side, this one takes a dark turn. “Fallen Fruit” is about global warming spiraling out of control.  “But how can I love what I know I am gonna lose,” sings the artist.

Watch Lorde’s paradise turn to flames in “Fallen Fruit” below.

Lorde – Fallen Fruit


Photo: Shutterstock/Christian Bertrand

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